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About Us

BigDad is an enterprising Digital Branding Agency based in Sydney, Australia.
The internet is getting crowded, so we create Brands Names with a matching URL stand-out.
We handpick, curate, and select the Best Start-up Brand Names, based on a variety of criteria.

We take Pride in our “Branding” work and our team comprises of:

a) Domain Acquisition specialists
b) Brand Naming consultants &
c) Graphic Designers for Logo creations

With combined expertise, we hope to create a “Cutting edge” Brand presence on the web.

Selection criteria:

– Domain Length (Shorter the better!)
– Radio test (Can a person hear it and Reproduce without errors?)
– Memory test (Does it pass the ‘Crowded Bar’ test?)
– Brand-feel (Does it sound Appealing, is it Positive?)
– User-age appeal, (Boomers, Gen-X, Gen-Y, Gen-Z etc)
– Industry relevance appeal etc.

BigDad’s Name Analysts and Logo Designers create and position “The Brand” with Business Trends are taken into consideration and the names are modified with key adjectives that make the Brand feel Positive and recognizable. Attention is given to the Memory test and Radio test. These unique Business names can be categorized into one of the 5 following ways:

Real Names –
Mis-spelled Names –
Abstract –
Acronyms –
Visual –
WordPlay –

Naming can be a frustrating experience and settling for a name that feels “just Okay” is the number one cause for disappointment among start-ups.

– Stimulating Naming Conventions (Unique, Creative, Positive & Memorable)
– Logo Design (Distinctive, Inventive, Catchy & Vibrant)

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Get Exclusive Domain Deals, Special Offers, and Discounts!

Be the first to receive premium names from!