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About Us

BigDad is an enterprising Digital Branding Agency based in Sydney, Australia.
With combined experience we create “Cutting edge” Brand presence on the web.
We handpick, curate, and select the Best Start-up Names based on a variety of criteria such as

– Domain Length (Shorter the better!)
– Radio test (Can a person hear it and Reproduce without errors?)
– Memory test (Does it pass the ‘Crowded Bar’ test?)
– Brand-feel (Does it sound Appealing, is it Positive?)
– Amongst other Key parameters like User-age appeal, relevant Industry appeal etc.

BigDad’s Name Analysts and Logo Designers create and position “The Brand” with:

– Stimulating Naming Conventions (Unique, Creative, Positive & Memorable)
– Logo Design (Distinctive, Inventive, Catchy & Vibrant)

Each of the brand names are created with the End Business users and their Customers in mind.  
Since start-ups and established businesses compete to win with expert online brand strategy,
we help and partner to establish this presence through our Digital Branding experience.  
Because, if UBER was called RIDE-OUR-TAXI.ORG, there would be NO business presence!
It would simply join the Milions of Start-ups that Just didn’t “Take-Off”!

Startup community needs foremost, a Good brand name to be competitive in the Marketplace.
Also, equally important is that it HAS a matching URL.  
For example, the top criteria to succeed today in the Internet world are a .COM domain.
And not just any other extensions like .Asia or .XYZ or .CLUB or anything meaningless.  

It is important that your customer knows that you are “Invested in YOUR Business”.
And everyone today judges that very quickly!
Venture Capitalists notice & decide, even before they even see the Presentation!!

The single most respected business domain is a .COM extension. No exceptions sorry 🙂  
Also, numbers or Hyphens in a Name is a Big No-No! As it just would not pass the Radio test.  
Try saying on the Phone, is it “two, to, or 2”?
A spelling mistake in the URL would take the customer to the competitor’s page!

We at BigDad have over 3000+ handpicked and curated .COM and .COM.AU in Inventory.
Our Name analysts look at the Branding trends in the Industry,
And compile Brand names with a matching URL secured (mostly in the aftermarket autions).
And the key to this brand creation is frugal and fair Pricing.
If you look at competitive sites their average Price is $3000 mininimum and above,
whereas our average price is kept at $880 for similar quality names, if not better!

And most importantly, we will Hand-render your Logo, with revisions as required by you.

BigDad’s Portfolio of Domain assets are Premium, Trending & SEO friendly names only.
With a GOOD Domain Brand, you are already 50% towards SUCCESS… (Hashtag Credibility!)

Best wishes, from the team at BigDad!

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Get Exclusive Domain Deals, Special Offers, and Discounts!

Be the first to receive premium names from!